Thursday, November 13, 2008

Manga Review:Princess Diana

The manga pretty much adds romance and substance to facts and rumors of the famous cinderella princess:princess Diana. It's a shame to say this, but the manga was overall TOO melo-dramatic, and rather boring along with it. my rating this time 'round is....

too bad, the manga did no justice for the truth, I mean, they should have made it at least a little less dramatic, honestly!

Manga Reveiw:Tokyo Crazy Paradise

The manga was a very good read, but only if you have enough time to finish!

Good Points:Humor, a bit of romance, and always keeps you wanting to read even more!
Bad Points:Cliffhanger ending...:(

but, the storyline is so good, i had to give this one a....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just witnessed history!!!!

Obama won the elections! The first African-American president ever!CHANGE!^_^ woot~!:D i wish i was old enough to vote though...:(
The election was VERY close, even I watched the results closely for 3 hrs....